Metrics For Success

Here we are again, ladies and gentlemen! Pummeling each other to death in the political mosh pit that is the threshold of another presidential election. Drowning each other in the insane hyperbole, lies, bullshit, and straight up bukkake face omelet of deceit and hate. Keep your hate in reserve. That is my job and the rest of you fucking amateurs can’t sink to my level, so spare yourselves the agony and shame of realizing how stupid and tragically sad you truly are. Buckle up, strap in, strap on, bite the pillow, do what you need to do. We’re going full raw dog and we’re going in dry.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it. Partisan politics is the greatest internal threat to America. Parties are stupid. The division inherent to forcing people to choose sides against each other for the greater outcome of being on the same team is the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever considered that didn’t come from the script of Survivor. The subsequent effects of being slave to the two party system further fuel the flames of anger and hate amongst our own neighbors. People we hang out with, drink beer with on the porch, grills steaks with, and with whom we let our kids play together. People you care about who also care about you. Suddenly, for one out of every four years, we’re supposed to hate or oppose each other based on each ones candidate of choice? Two assholes battling for the White House suddenly change the perceptions of each others character as neighbors and friends? GET FUCKED!

Damn, I jumped on a tangent right out of the gate. My bad. Back on course….

My opinion is that if you vote for anyone based strictly on party, then you are a piece of shit and have no business taking part in the process. You’re just another drone or uninformed retard who believes everything on your chosen media outlet and does no independent research. This makes you dangerous. I subscribe to no party, despite the assumptions of many about me and my opinions, but I actually do have my own criteria for grading candidates (not like we have exactly put up the best options, let’s be honest) and I use a very simple approach that was beaten into my brain over my military career. I simply examine each option and assess their qualification by measures of performance (MOP) and measures of effectiveness (MOE). These two factors provide a metric of success. I am not going to list them because that would take forever and open me up to the hostile internet fact checkers unwilling to consider my point of view, so I will keep it fairly broad, examining ONLY job performance and excluding any personal issues or accusations or scandals, ongoing or not, because that has no impact on the metric and only invalidates my assessment.

One candidate has almost four years of service in government. One has forty seven years, longer than I have been alive. One has kept more campaign promises and delivered amazing progress. One has only a single bill to claim as an accomplishment for which he has apologized as a result of our current social climate. One has brought lower taxes, greater prosperity, and better job opportunities for myself and everyone I know. One wants to enact economic and tax policies that WILL rapidly erode that prosperity and opportunity or end it outright. One has cut peace deals in the Middle East and Israel. One has not. One has taken back from other countries what was being taken from American tax payers. One has taken from American tax payers to benefit other countries at the expense of those same tax payers. One has put unprecedented effort and contributions into building up minority communities and educational institutions and was overwhelmingly appreciated and respected by those same communities before taking office and that was no longer a popular admission. One did not. One implemented a crime bill reform that relieved the lopsided impact against minorities for non-violent crimes. One wrote the crime bill that created the lopsided impact. One kept his promise of of pulling our troops out of foreign wars and conflicts that have no end game. One has been wrong on every decision to employ military force. One spent more time engaging America from a hospital room than his opponent while diagnosed with the ‘Rona. One can’t get through twenty minutes of a rally without stammering all over himself and contradicting his own stated positions. One strikes fear and respect in our adversaries and gets results. One panders to and funded (with tax payer dollars) the very enemy he supported sending our troops to fight and facilitated non-state actor capabilities to kill American and coalition troops. One holds rallies that inspire progress, success, and buy in from his supporters. One presents nothing but doom and gloom and can’t get through a speech without stoking anger, hate, and failure, typically with a list of dead family members, his and others, that had nothing to do with his opponent, but blames him directly anyway. One has openly denounced and rejected hate groups and racism in all forms, INCLUDING WHITE SUPREMACY, thirty seven times in the last three years, by my count. One openly stated that ANTIFA is “just an idea,” though he has also regarded Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond as his top mentors.

That just scratches the surface, but some highlights just to illustrate my line of thinking and rationale.

When I was on active duty and running quarterly and annual award boards to recognize the performance of Airmen who exceed standards, I made sure that no one on that board, to include myself, knew the name, gender, or ethnicity of any of the candidates nominated. I made sure my officers and NCOs knew how to write the nomination packages to minimize any possibility of the nominees identity being obvious to keep the rating process as objective and honest as possible. I use that very same metric for my political candidates. It’s so damn simple. What have they done, how well did they do it, and what level of confidence do I have in either to perform at the highest level of the options presented to benefit America as a single collective populace.

I’ve worked for flag officers who were the nicest people on the planet and I liked them as humans, but they couldn’t lead their way out of a grocery store parking lot. I will take a hard ass shit talker like General Patton any day because I have absolute faith that he will get the job done and bring us home intact, no matter how much shit he talks. I choose substance over style. Substance gets results. Style gets…uh….well, style gets you Gavin Newsome or Justin Trudeau. Fuck that! Again, my “fuck that” is based on metrics of success. My personal feelings about them as humans are a different FARTICLE….

Bottom line is you can hate me for whom I cast my vote. I’m okay with that because that level of petty narcissism is your problem, not mine. Just know and acknowledge my reasoning and rationale. Accept it or reject it, but don’t you dare label me and don’t you dare judge me. I won’t do that to you and I expect the same courtesy and respect. I have never once rejected a friend or family member over politics and unless they endorse anything that openly advocates for the overthrow of my freedom or destruction of my country, I never will. Sadly, I have lost too many friends because their allegiance to a party meant more to them than what we had as neighbors and friends, so they rejected me. Nothing divides us more violently and brutally as humans than politics.




What am I doing?

Why am I doing it?

Am I doing the right thing for the wrong reason, the wrong thing for the right reason, the wrong thing for the wrong reason, or the right thing for the right reason?

Am I mad?

Why am I mad?

Am I mad at the situation or a person?

Am I right to be mad at everyone who shares an opposing opinion than my own?

Who benefits from my anger?

Can I disagree with someone and still be cool with them without assuming the worst about them?

Bottom line: Can I get together with my friends who share various perspectives across various spectrums, pour a drink, talk some shit, laugh at stupid shit, share a toast, and hug my favorite people in this world at the end of the day?

Yes. Yes I can and yes I will.



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