Practicing Bleeding: Quarantine Edition

Well, I have been in hiding for awhile now because there is very little commentary to add to the conversation that has not already been beaten to death in social, main stream, or cable media. I felt I had nothing to add to the conversation on current events beyond just another brand of unwanted bullshit. However, the current COVID-19 situation has revealed and further emphasized critical flaws of American society that have awoken the sleeping giant and the overlord of rationally crafted anger is coming out to play tonight.

My first topic is the shutdown of our economy. While I understand and acknowledge the intent behind these local and federal decisions to protect people from dying, at least I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and going with that explanation, despite my own paranoid suspicions, but lets roll with it anyway for the sake of argument. I do not agree with or support this shutdown. Hospitals are underprepared to handle such a pandemic, got it, mark it on the lessons learned after action report report for pre-planned mitigation for the next CCP delivered virus. Yes, CCP DELIVERED, I fucking said it!

You can’t just shut down the most powerful economy on the planet. That is a knee-jerk reaction that, in my analytical assessment, only delays the greater outbreak they seek to avoid, just destroys businesses, bank accounts, and families in the process while they wait to be infected later anyway. Again, I understand the intent, but this is wrong. When I hear my own governor say that he is “banning” this and “banning” that and other governors determining what is or is not essential, but Wal Mart is still packed while others are getting arrested for being in the middle of a lake on their own boat or just walking in the park (which we have all been encouraged to do), then I have serious concerns about priorities.

I can still order restaurant delivery via Instacart, door dash, postmates, and other services, but does that keep me safe? Are there any less hands or or people breathing on my order than would be if I chose to dine inside that restaurant? Don’t get me wrong, I am going all in on being a hermit for this situation because I don’t want to spend anymore time in the hospital than I already have and have not had human contact in over a month. Just painting a picture here.

Where I live, you can’t seek medical attention unless you require treatment for a critical or persistent condition, but anything else has been deemed “elective” and is therefore “banned.” Isn’t medical care a service? Shouldn’t the doctors and hospitals determine what level of risk they are willing to assume and how that risk should be managed? Likewise, shouldn’t all businesses that provide goods and services be allowed to assume and manage that same risk? Shouldn’t individuals be granted the right to assume that same risk on behalf of their own needs? Since when does the federal or state government have the authority to strip anyone of their rights in such manner?

Now, considering the governments obsession with overreach and oppression, paired with the inherent stupidity of a large group of people occupying this land mass and wasting my oxygen, I propose a compromise. Maybe not a solution, but a sensible way forward. I propose the government do the following.

  1. Be honest. Tell the American people that you honestly don’t know enough about the Kung Flu to develop a rational solution at this time and that wearing a mask doesn’t do a goddamn thing to protect anyone, but you are diligently working to understand the virus, develop a cure, and mitigate/eliminate the threat.
  2. Rescind the restrictions and replace them with detailed guidance and recommendations for the public based upon what we DO know at this time and provide updates as science produces new information. Put that risk management responsibility back on the businesses, services, and individuals. Define the risk and let natural selection run its course.
  3. Stop taking questions from the press. The facts and information provided are too easily and too often obscured by the ambulance chasing assholes in the press corps looking for a ratings bump while having zero interest in their responsibilities to report facts to the hundreds of millions of people who are either scared shitless or rioting in the streets as a result. Minus a VERY few exceptions, the news media CANNOT be trusted, especially in a presidential election season and the viewers are the ones getting fucked as a result.
  4. Blame China. Just do it. The CCP is guilty as fuck, everyone knows it, and they need to be held responsible for their reckless bullshit. I’ll save the conspiracy theories of why I think this was a deliberate “oops” by the CCP for another post, but seriously, fuck those communist assholes!

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of how many idiots and morons share the planet with me, so until this thing is under control, I am staying my ass home. I have assessed the risk and that is my choice for myself and my family. I don’t give a damn what everyone else does. I’m good with shutting down the schools for the rest of the school year. This has been a good exercise in determining how to handle distance learning for future scenarios of this nature while not exposing our kids to risk or the threat of them bringing the Kung Flu home to a family member at greater medical risk. Our teachers have eaten a ton of shit from angry parents over the last month, but I can vouch that they are busting their butts to do the best they can with the technology available and evolving their capabilities as we continue into this shit blizzard.

My other topic for tonight is the hypocrisy of interpretation and the power granted to the social engineers who gradually increase their control over communication, messaging, context, and language. For example, I caught another 3-day ban hammer on FaceFuck Der Fuhrer Fuckerberg for the below meme that could not more clearly be interpreted as humor.

“Community standards?” What community? WHAT STANDARDS?!?!?! Just this week alone, I reported a FB page that was actively promoting child pornography that had been reported dozens of times, but was ignored by the FB mafia and algorithms because it didn’t violate “community standards.” Are you fucking shitting me??? All of your top dogs in the media and in Hollywood can sound off 24/7 about the President being a racist, a Nazi, and a murderer, but the joke above is what makes them butthurt?

This is just one of a few million examples, but let’s get to the core of the broader problem. Language has been hijacked. People are acting like words are far more dangerous and damaging than the fucking pandemic we are dealing with. Remember when we were kids? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Well, guess what. I can go on social media right now and find videos of people being beaten to death with sticks and stones that will never be taken down, but make a joke about Greta Thunberg and WHAM!!! Hammer down, in the social media slammer for you, fucker!

Let’s talk about language. How you interpret my words is not my problem. It’s yours. How you interpret my message is not my problem. It’s yours. How you interpret my intent, context, or my character is not my problem. It’s YOURS. Should you be “offended” by anything I say or do, short of committing a crime, of course, then you have options. You can ignore it and remove yourself from the conversation, you can keep scrolling, you can delete my emails, you can block me from your social media, or you can engage me in meaningful discussion.

Hatespeech is an extremely subjective term and as such, I don’t believe in it. Narrow it down to anything that actively promotes or advocates for the harm or destruction of a group of people based upon race, culture, ethnicity, etc., then maybe I will consider having that conversation. Is a Crip calling for a drive by shooting of a rival Blood gang member hate speech? Not by the current definition, but is that not a call out for violence based upon motives rooted in hate? Where is the line drawn? A dude dressed up as Hitler holding a rally to launch a new genocide against their target population of choice? Hateful as fuck. Got it. I’m down with that one 100%. Load them all up on a barge and sink that motherfucker in the deepest pits of the ocean. The Dukes of Hazard? Cancelled permanently because the featured Dodge Charger was named General Lee and had a confederate flag on the top. I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazard and there was NEVER a racist or hateful tone to that show, so you can get fucked with that bullshit. You cannot apply a social standard where context and character are ignored.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle” or “gun violence.” If I attack you with the whiskey glass in front of me and you feel threatened, then by legal definition, I have committed assault. Is my whiskey glass now an “assault whiskey glass?” NO!!! IT’S JUST A FUCKING GLASS!!! Just like my assault bat, my assault knife, my assault truck bumper, my assault spatula, my assault skateboard, etc. Until the bill of rights slayers categorize all forms of violence by the means of which that violence was carried out. Until I see knife violence, hammer violence, bat violence, fist violence, rear-naked-choke violence, 2×4 violence, etc. (all off which are responsible for WAY more homicides every year than rifles), then your argument is not only invalid, it’s complete dog shit and I hope you can show your shrink where on the doll your two-dimensional simple-minded drone thinking touched you. THINK!!!

Lastly, there is no such thing as profanity. It doesn’t exist. That is a human-derived myth designed to enforce control. Thank you, Christianity, for starting this myth with that blasphemy bullshit. Trust me, if Jesus gets pissed at something you say, he’ll let you know. If not, then who the fuck are you to tell me what is inappropriate? Okay, back on track here… Words are just that. Words. Who decided one day that they had the authority or right to assign values of what is or is not acceptable? They are just vowels, consonants, tones, and pitches strung together to form a thought, feeling, emotion, or reaction via verbal expression. That’s it.

If mine or anyone else’s language “offends” you, then the problem is you. Get over yourself and move on with your life. Stop trying to dictate how I speak, how I communicate, and how I think. I am not one of your politically correct drones. I will not be programmed and I will not be contained. I am me and no one will force me to be anyone but myself. If you can’t handle that, then it was nice knowing you and I wish you a long and happy life.

I hope everyone is doing as best they can as we grind our way through this lockdown. As dangerous as COVID-19 may be, keep your eyes on the bigger picture. COVID-19 is not the overall threat to our society in the long term. How we respond to it is the greater threat. Political correctness and inherent social engineering that festers within that mentality is the plague, not the Kung Flu. WE are the plague. If we are not careful, we will be the very plague we deserve.

It’s Friday night. Day 82348237482374 of quarantine. I raise a glass to you all and toast to your health and prosperity. Cheers everyone!





  1. Dave Davies

    Shit, Dude, that was poetic. 100% agreement.
    I’m proud of you.


  2. Virginia

    Absolutely spot on, as always! Great work.


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