Accountability is a Two Way Street

Growing up, I had problems with many of my teachers in school. My parents always took the teachers’ side, and rightfully so because I was a truly shitty student. Looking back, some of those teachers were as completely awful as I believed and to give full credit to my folks, they were always directly involved in my education and personally engaged with teachers with whom I was having problems. They were tough, but they were fair and I was always held accountable for my behavior and my responsibilities as a student. However, they were no dummies and there was an instance where one of my teachers crossed a boundary and though I expected my folks to take his side and leave me twisting in the breeze to endure his bullshit for the rest of the semester, they took my side. My father met with my freshman algebra teacher to try and figure out and help and resolve a problem I was having and when he came out of the classroom, all he said to me was, “You’re going to get an F in algebra this semester.” We went home and never spoke about it again. To this day, I still don’t know what my father said to him, but after meeting with my father, that teacher ran away in fear every time he saw me in the hallways.

Being a parent of a high school student now myself, I follow the template my parents established when it comes to holding my kid accountable for her own responsibilities in her educational requirements and as a student. She knows to never lie to me when she is pissed off at a teacher because I will not hesitate to contact that teacher to get both sides of the story. Unfortunately, I am noticing a growing trend of bad behavior from her teachers. It has gotten worse since she began high school. I thought maybe it was just me and I was being overprotective, but even my most hard core of fellow veteran parents have acknowledged that they are experiencing the same issues with their kids’ teachers.

Thanks to my complete distrust of people, due to my profession, I always reach out to the teachers via email so I can have the conversations documented and I have caught many of them in blatant lies. 9 times out of 10, all goes well and we reach an amicable resolution and everybody wins. Unfortunately, that ratio seems to be dwindling rapidly and there are more and more who automatically respond very combatively. When challenged with their own words, they get hostile. When I respond to that hostility with offers to elevate matters to the school board, they threaten to sue me. When I involve the school administration and district boards, they make cheap excuses and reach as deep in the bullshit bag to excuse their teachers’ behavior as they have to in order to avoid legal action, which I never even threatened. This shit is fucking insane!

I have been and will always be a staunch advocate and supporter of teachers. The are doing God’s work, they are greatly under appreciated, and they are disgustingly underpaid for their endeavors. Regardless, that does not excuse them from accountability. The hard truth is that in every profession, there are some serious shitheads and teachers are not exempt from this reality. My message here tonight is to hold people accountable. Our kids have their parents AND their teachers holding them accountable. Who is holding the teachers accountable? As a parent, it is my job to hold out teachers accountable for their performance and conduct, whether the school will or not. Our kids deserve the best of us, but if my tax dollars are paying for an asshole to shit on my kid just to collect a paycheck, you are goddamn right I am going to call you out and hold you accountable. If I don’t, then what lesson am I teaching my kid? Believe me, when my kid fucks up, she is held accountable!

To all teachers, if you don’t love your job or don’t like kids, then do the rest of us a favor and quit. Our kids deserve better and there are plenty of people waiting for the opportunity to take your job and be the difference in our kids’ lives. For the overwhelming majority who perform their teaching duties with pride, excellence, and genuine care for the young minds they help shape, I salute you and I thank you! For those who get a rush from shitting on your students because you are a dried up angry pile of donkey shit, be warned. Fuck with my kid and I will destroy you.



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