The Definition of Insanity

On this eve of the 2018 election Thunderdome, I have one request of my fellow American citizens planning to participate in the democratic process by casting your vote tomorrow, to include the voters who are dead and casting their votes in multiple states…  If you don’t know who your candidates are, if you don’t know their platforms and priorities, if their platforms don’t align with your personal values or beliefs, and if you are simply voting along a party line based upon what your favorite self-appointed celebrity “expert” or fanatically biased news source tells you to cast your vote, then STAY THE FUCK HOME.  You have clearly taken zero interest in your country, your state, your district, your county, or your community by virtue of your lack of research, analysis, critical thinking, and general awareness and you are part of the fucking problem.  You are a part of the corruption of a well intended, but tragically unsupervised process that grants us the freedom and liberty of deciding who will be our advocates in elected office.

All politicians are liars.  All politicians are corrupt.  All politicians are raging glory holes who will suck as many cocks and tongue as many assholes necessary to gain and maintain power.  They will tell you everything you want to hear to get elected.  They don’t give a single fuck about you.  They only care about themselves, the power they can acquire, and how long they can hang on to that power to make themselves rich at your expense.  That is not hyperbole, that is reality.  Even those exercising their moral integrity by going for that write in vote are just pissing in the wind because it is a wasted vote in the brutal Roman coliseum of political gladiator death match.

Your media outlets are all swinging from the crotch of their choices and lying to you to convince you why you should be as well.  They get paid in ratings and advertising, putting the priorities of the country and the voters on the back burner for the sake of business and a fat payday that will lead to subsequent benefits, regardless of the outcome.  They are using you as their props to cash a fat check.  They don’t give a fuck about you.

Keeping all of that in mind, if you are a rational citizen who has done the research on the candidates and have the integrity to vote on the ones claiming to be aligned with your priorities, then you must participate in this privilege we have to kick this dumpster fire down the road for two more years in hopes that we can finally start getting genuine candidates who legitimately want to do the jobs for which we hire them.  My advice is not to vote on what is best for YOU, but what is best for our country as a whole.  As the humble shit talking king of this blog who will be voting tomorrow, and in the interest of full disclosure, below are my priorities for selecting my candidate to use as an example of what issues to consider, vice voting on one single issue, as so many do these days.

  • National Security
    • Foreign Policy
    • UN/NATO participation
    • Military superiority
    • Strategic threats from state adversaries (Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran)
    • International terrorism
    • Illegal immigration
      • No open borders (build the goddamn wall)
      • Reform the current process to make sense and facilitates a smooth and easy transition to American life for immigrants (the citizenship test is a worthless piece of shit)
      • Establish requirements for citizenship applicants and provide the resources for those requirements to be fulfilled (English language teachers, financial management advisors, employment counselors, government education, tax system instruction, etc.  You know, a lot of the shit we don’t teach indigenous residents in school?)
      • Effective screening process that encourages and incentivizes qualified applicants to come into our country that will benefit themselves and America while filtering out those who pose a threat or simply wish to fleece our system and taxpayers and provide nothing of value in return
  • Economy
    • Lower taxes
    • Lower unemployment
    • More exports/less imports
    • Domestic manufacturing and production
    • Domestic science, technology, research, and development
    • Figuring out how fair market value for housing has increased at hundreds times more than median income increases and stopping that shit
    • Stop spending my tax dollars on shit that doesn’t directly benefit the taxpayers, especially without the taxpayers approval or permission
  • Medical care
    • Build the economy so that business and employment provide health care opportunities for employees and families
    • Reform laws to prevent frivolous lawsuits against hospitals, which drive up health care costs to pay for the hospital lawyers on the payroll
    • Reform regulations preventing more competition among medical technology development, limiting hospitals to minimal options for purchasing and maintaining technology and hardware such as MRI, CT scan, and linear accelerators from companies that monopolize that specialty at ridiculous cost to the hospitals, insurance providers, and patients
    • Reform policies, patents, monopolies, whatever that gives pharmaceutical companies unfettered ability to charge criminal prices for life saving medications to hospitals who charge even more to the insurance companies or the patients so they can still turn a profit
    • Do whatever the fuck needs to be done so patients aren’t charged $7 for a Kleenex or $28 for a Tylenol when patients are stuck in the hospital (Don’t believe that shit happens?  I can show you itemized receipts from my own hospital visits!)
    • Open up medical insurance availability and competition across state lines to drive better quality and lower cost to the patients and the insurance companies
      • Do all of the above and a stupid ass extortion plan like Obamacare won’t even be necessary and medicare will get WAAAAAAYYYYYYY cheaper and everybody wins.  You think it’s the doctors getting rich off of the patients?  They do well, but the true vampires are the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, the lawyers, and the technology/equipment manufacturers.  I can buy a 3 pack of tissue boxes at the grocery store for what a hospital charged me for a single snot rag.  Do the fucking math.
  • Double the salaries and benefits of all state and local law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMTs, all other first responders, and public school teachers
    • These are the true heroes of our every day lives outside of the home and they deserve the appreciation, respect, and reward for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families
    • Treat these heroes as the heroes and legends they truly are and there will be less incidents of bad behavior by the 1% that so many enthusiastically and aggressively apply the same false perception of a negative paradigm to the other 99% who break their asses every single day to protect our neighborhoods, save lives, and foster the academic evolution of our children for shit pay, a hard life, and hate from the communities they serve
  • Freedom of Choice, free birth control, and adoption
    • I am personally against executing an unborn child who should have a vote on their own survival, but am not willing to engage on settled law without changing two others in the process.
    • Since we can’t compel people who are incapable of bringing a child into this world and raising them to be good and productive human beings to stop fucking without shelling out the couple dollars it costs for a pack of condoms, it is unfair to force society to accept the burden of the lack of personal judgement and self-control of others.  Adoption is a cop out because it is the only legalized form of profitable human trafficking in the United States that makes it virtually impossible for good families to adopt children in the United States due to the insane legal costs.  There is no right answer.  Two things MUST happen to overturn freedom of choice
      • Course of action 1: Provide free birth control for all who cannot acquire it via insurance or a minimum wage job to buy a $3 pack of rubbers since they are incapable of keeping their dicks and pussies in their pants.  However, any pregnancies that occur, despite the availability of free (taxpayer funded) birth control, are the responsibility of the parents and they must be provided the option to give that child up for adoption, which leads to course of action #2.
      • Course of action 2: The adoption system must be reformed.  The legal fees associated to the adoption process are outrageous, averaging between $25K – $50K, and that money is often spent with no guarantee of being able to adopt that child.  Too many good people out there who want to provide good homes and futures to these kids cannot or are unwilling to try because they cannot afford to risk the disappointment of a bunch of government offices and lawyers getting rich off the lives of these children while those good people who want to be parents are often shot down over bullshit technicalities.
        • Admin comment: I spent a year in South Korea and often went with my squadron to help refurbish and renovate a local orphanage and spent time playing with the kids.  Every time we left, they tried to hand us babies on our way out the door.  They wanted these kids to have a better life and actually tried, very aggressively, to just give them away to us, American strangers.  My supervisor actually ended up adopting one.  Easy as hell on the Korean side, but a major fight from the United States to bring her home.  So in America, I can get $25K – $50K worth of deadly and addictive opioids through my medical insurance at no cost to me, likely resulting in long term physically and psychologically destructive problems, but if I want to do the right thing, save a child, give them a great life, and raise a decent and productive human being, I have to pay that much out of pocket just for the possibility of being told NO????  As soon as we unfuck our priorities, then we can apply some common sense to our laws that benefit everyone and eliminate this division.
        • Side note: For all of you seething, fire breathing, pussy hat wearing celebrity drones who joyfully CELEBRATE how many babies you have murdered in your own womb, on behalf of the lives you have taken, you don’t deserve the lives you have.
  • Gay rights
    • Done deal, so I don’t know what all of the panic is about.  You won and I am all in supporting equality and crushing labels.  I’m all for it and even ministered a same sex wedding for the best of friends, which was one of the greatest honors of my life and I humbly thank them for asking me to participate in their special day.  Why are we still discussing this?  We’re good!  Just stop clogging the streets with parades where local kids are forced to see drag queens waving their dicks at the crowd or 250lb women dragging their udders down the road just to prove your existence.  You want to keep religion and philosophies out of the classrooms and public forums?  Cool, then keep ideologies and causes out of them as well.  It’s a two way street.  Acceptance goes both ways and that’s how meaningful discussions and understanding happens so no one has to sue bakeries when both sides are being stubborn assholes.
  • War on drugs
    • Game over.  We lost that battle before it began.  It’s a money making industry and where there is money involved, no side will ever win and more people will die.  The only way to win is to establish a policy where we will drop tactical nukes on every country who facilitates and profits from illegal drug trade, to include the United States, but the DEA is slave to the laws by which they are required to abide, preventing them from being effective on a macro scale.  You want to at least mitigate the threat?  Here are some ideas.
      • Better education of the risks and threats of drug usage starting in grade school
      • Build the goddamn wall and cut off the trafficking routes on the ground and the subsurface tunnels
      • Inspect all international cargo at all airports, not just JFK and Newark where a ton of drugs are coming in every day
      • Inspect all commercial cargo entering the United Staes via rail and road transport
      • Public executions for convicted dealers and traffickers broadcast on every channel
      • Legalize marijuana
        • It’s coming anyway, so let’s just capitalize on the medical benefits and regulate the recreational use now while helping pay off the national debt with the tax revenue and everyone wins while the dealers and cartels take another hit
        • I’m writing this while drinking a whiskey and coke, so after 43 years of being a productive citizen with no criminal record, I refer you back to the prohibition days and ask you to think about how that whole buffoonery worked out and compare it to every pot smoker you know now
  • Trade
    • Trade when it benefits America
      • Bring back manufacturing, innovation, and technology development so we can sustain ourselves while providing services and goods to other countries instead of relying on them at unfair prices.
  • Environment
    • I believe global warming is happening, but am not convinced that it is an exclusively human derived problem (Ice ages and hurricanes happened long before we showed up and the earth does what it wants, regardless of our presence)
    • Release the patents held hostage by the government of innovative technology and ingenuity that will benefit our environment and make it universally available and AFFORDABLE
    • Develop better means of filtering non-biodegradable waste and garbage from sewage and runoff systems
    • Incentivize recycling
    • Hold other countries to the same fucking standard and stop trying to take away my V8 truck
  • Political Correctness
    • Stop it
    • Just STOP IT!!!
    • You can’t change intent by changing language, only stifle honesty and the integrity of others who don’t subscribe to catering to your individual sensitivities and absence of spine
    • Once again, acceptance is a two way street
    • Don’t like what I have to say or how I convey my message?  Do what I do when I feel the same about anyone else who says anything I don’t like.  Either walk away and don’t take it personally or…..OR!!!!  Engage the speaker and try to understand their point of view while explaining your own in a calm and diplomatic manner without forcing your perspective on others to change how everyone else around you has to alter their behavior and expression just to satisfy YOUR delicate and fragile sensitivities.  Guess what, ain’t happening with me.  I will listen and discuss all day long and appreciate the opportunity to do so, regardless of the outcome, and likely shake your hand and regard you as a friend I respect for showing me the same respect.  Attempt to force me to change because you think you have the rightful authority and power over me to break me down to your demands and expectations, then prepare yourself for more than just disappointment.  Be ready for a brutal skull-fucking of your soul and every sensitivity providing life support to your fragile and spineless existence.
  • Identity politics
    • Seriously, fuck off with that bullshit and fuck every one of you who buys into it
  • Rape and pedophilia: DEATH PENALTY!
    • Public, brutal, savage.  May not solve all problems, but the deterrent will be highly effective and the justice will be appropriate.
  • Racists and bigots (the actual racists and bigots, not the general demographics being peddled by various window licking media outlets trying to mindfuck you for their own profits)
    • Here are your three options
      • Pull your retarded heads out of your retarded asses, realize that you are racist assholes, apologize for your stupidity, and commit yourselves to living decent lives for all of your fellow humans
      • Show yourselves, declare war, and be patient while the real patriots systematically stack your bodies as the foundation to our new border wall
      • Kill yourselves (yeah, I said it and I have zero regrets!)

These are the random thoughts of a mad man who has had a few drinks in the wake of a shitty Monday and at the threshold of the lit fuse of a media meltdown from another Election Day that is certain to cause all kinds of hell, regardless of the results.  The reality show of politics and social justice will no doubt be as entertaining as it will be disappointing and sad tomorrow.  This is not intended to influence anyone’s vote, but to demonstrate that I have at seriously considered and thought about the issues that matter to me and hopefully compel the readers to think for yourselves.  To figure out what is important and ask yourselves if your priorities are what is best for you or what is best for everyone in our country.  Adversaries looking to kill us all or rip us off for every dime we have don’t give two shits about abortion, gay rights, political correctness, etc.  All they give a shit about is how they can hurt us, breach our security, destroy our economy, and cripple us in every way possible to inflict nationwide pain and suffering so that all of our social issues become irrelevant.  None of those issues will matter if we no longer have a country.  There is little we can do as viewers and participants.  The political machine is as rigged, corrupt, and greedy as the talking heads on the news hypnotizing you into believing their faux expertise on what should matter to you.  All I ask is that you do your part, try to stay informed and educated, don’t take it personally, accept the results, and try to affect positive change for all of us.  In the end, political parties are foolish, counterproductive, and wrong.  As Americans, we are all on the same side and I hope we can start acting like it.



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