Random Thought of the Day: Taxes

Watching the never-ending story of government contributions to Planned Parenthood that just keeps coming back over and over and over and over again, I started thinking about where my tax dollars are going and wondering why I have no say in those decisions.  Like most American citizens, I don’t like paying taxes and would prefer to keep the money that I earn for the job I perform and the services that I provide, but they are a reality that everyone must deal with and they will never go away, so long as government exists.  Okay, I can accept that and I don’t have a choice anyway.  However, when it comes to matters of Planned Parenthood and the specific issue of them providing abortion services, why do tax payers not have any choice as to whether their forced payment of their tax dollars are spent by our government on such initiatives or not?

I am not discussing abortion and am not interested in that debate.  I am using Planned Parenthood as an example because that was story I saw tonight that inspired my curiosity to write this FARTICLE, so hold your fire on any social issue debates, I am looking at the economic perspective.  And yes, I am aware of all of the services Planned Parenthood provides for women aside from the abortion piece, so leave that argument alone as well.

Theoretically, we, as voters, decide who is elected to be our leaders and represent our best interests as American citizens at the national, state, and local levels.  Beyond that, we have zero control or influence on how those elected leaders and their appointed enforcers spend our tax dollars.  As the targets of government mandated extortion, shouldn’t we have some choice in where our tax dollars are spent?  What if I want all of my tax money directed towards defense spending, infrastructure, medical research, and education?  What if I don’t want my tax dollars going to foreign aid, pay raises for congressmen and senators, welfare programs, or any “scientific” research that is of zero benefit to anyone or anything?  These are all just generic examples, but I seriously want to know.  Why don’t we have a say in where our tax dollars go?

Granted, as divided as our country is in the current climate, I could easily see such an idea creating a greater manipulation of influence and corruption by our most rich and powerful social hypnotists and the media and who knows, would it all just cancel itself out and change nothing more than giving the individual citizen the comfort of knowing that their taxes did not facilitate a shitty deal with a foreign country or contribute to the death of a fetus?  No idea.  I’m good with my money, but certainly not an economist with the wisdom to solve such a problem on a national scale.  If it is even a problem, that is.

Shit, the more I think about it, the less faith I have for our government to get it right anyway.  They’re all whores to someone with influence and someone is getting fucked either way.  Fuck it.  Ignore, discuss, it’s up to you.  My curiosity was just brought back to earth by reality and now I’m just depressed…



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  1. Guy

    You have a choice and it’s called voting. I don’t say it’s a good choice but that’s how you get a govt that satisfies the policies you wish to be enacted, or hopefully something close to it. What everyone forgets about democracy is that it’s invariably a compromise, because it’s supposed to be about pursuing policies that improve life for all. If you didn’t have laws that were based on the bible, restricting choice based on gender or generally ignoring societal needs then Planned Parenthood wouldn’t likely need to exist and your tax dollars could be wasted on something else… 😀😀😀


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