Political Correctness = Bipolar Fucktardery

Reading an article today about Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, hiring people for positions based upon qualifications and abilities and getting lit up by the press for discounting diversity as a factor and I was overwhelmed by a flashback of anger over some shit that has been aggravating me to no end since before I joined the Air Force back in 1993.  Brace yourselves, PC SJW whores, a load of truth is about to get blasted on your faces…

Since the day I stumbled into the barracks for basic training, the Air Force wasted no time indoctrinating me into the two greatest social engineering initiatives of the time that continue to dominate the confusion of every military member today.  Diversity and Equality.  Before we get into the details, I’ll just say this up front.  YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH!!!!  You can’t demand both of any leader and hold them accountable for choosing one over the other in the best interest of the team and the mission.  They cancel each other out.  Let me break it down…

Diversity.  The idea that citizens need to be catalogued or categorized (segregated) for varying levels of special treatment and privilege based upon race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and any other excuse to divide and separate us as humans.

Equality.  There is no difference between any of us regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other excuse intended to divide and separate us as humans.

Alrighty then…WHICH IS IT????

I saw this when I was in high school.  The best example is one of my best friends who was at the top of the list for the scholarship programs to which he applied for lose his spot to an illegal alien who spoke zero English and had a 5th grade education.  Fortunately, something happened and that kid suddenly lost his ride and my buddy has made the most of it in his contributions to society ever since.  I had a sister flight of females in basic training.  Why were the males and females separated into different flights?  Aren’t we all the same?  My flight got all of the most physically demanding shit details while our sister flight  got the easy tasks.  Why?  Even our one female training instructor, a proud and openly man-hating feminist, told us that it wasn’t fair to have the females do the hard tasks because they aren’t as strong.  Jesus Christ, only a couple of weeks into military life and I am confused as fuck…

Almost 25 years later, five years removed from active duty service and now serving as a contractor, the two big topics constantly crammed in our faces remain Equality and Diversity.  Well, sexual assault and prevention training (a.k.a. all men are rapist savages and if they’re white, they are racist rapists training) has jumped to the front of the pack as well, but that will be a different FARTICLE.  Ironically, another example of the military forcing us all to acknowledge and accept our INEQUALITIES.  Progress has definitely been made over those twenty years, but NOT EQUALLY.

So where have we succeeded in breaking through old school prejudicial barriers since I joined?  Women are flying fighters and bombers.  Women are being integrated more and more into combat roles.  Women are serving on submarines and getting more leadership positions on ships.  DADT was repealed and homosexuals can now openly serve like everyone else.  These are excellent achievements and anyone who follows this ridiculous blog knows I support them all 100%.  What have men gotten out of the deal?  We scored a couple weeks of maternity leave when our spouses have a baby.  Cool, I’m happy about that because I had to burn leave to be home and help my ex after we had our kid and she recovered.  What else?  Granted, it has been a male dominated world, right?  What could we possibly need?

Can men grow their hair long?  Can men wear earrings in uniform?  Can we wear a skirt and high heels with our blues without having to declare ourselves as transgender?  Sounds ridiculous, but if there are different uniform standards based upon gender, then it is absolutely relevant to the equality discussion.  Can we have a single physical fitness standard?  If women are performing all of the same duties as men now, then why not one standard?  Can heterosexual service members hold a straight pride parade on base?  Can caucasians get a white history month?  Can men hold a squadron fundraiser for testicular cancer awareness?

Sure, sounds like petty bitching, but it becomes incredibly pertinent when you are staring down an IG investigation, non-judicial punishment, or even a courts martial because an accuser perceived your actions that negatively impacted them as being based upon gender, racial, or sexual orientation biases.

I can provide pages of examples, but I think I’ve made my point.  I have worked with the best of the best throughout my adult life.  Men and women from all backgrounds, colors, and individual choices of who they like to fuck.  I didn’t give a shit about any of that, I had a single standard for all.  Not one ever received special treatment from me and they always performed to the highest standard of excellence.  Just thinking about them now makes me smile with pride.  I’ve watched other leaders implement the brainwashing checklist of “diversity” and give anyone who wasn’t white, straight, male, or a straight white male that special treatment the the relentless barrage of power point slides demand and you know what they got?  Degraded performance by individuals serving only to their individual “special” standards who learned that they could perform to a progressively lower standard over time as long as they keep playing the card they were trained to play based upon a factor they were born with that does not define their character and has zero bearing on who they are as a person.  To treat anyone differently based upon the PC standards of diversity is the ultimate insult to the individual and to the people they represent in that particular category of modern segregation.

The bullshit concept of diversity facilitates, encourages, promotes, and forces INEQUALITY. The moment one accepts that special treatment, they willfully sacrifice and forfeit all rights to equal treatment.

So, regarding Secretary Zinke and every leader everywhere, I want a leader who will select the best possible people based upon qualifications and abilities.  That’s it.  NO social bullshit biases.  If the candidate is qualified and able, they will prove it.  If I am reviewing resumes, I don’t want to know the candidates name, gender, race, or sexual preference.  Those fields should be blacked out.  I just want to know what they bring to the table relating to the job for which they are applying.  I want the right person for the job.  No matter the make up of my team, They will be my wingmen and I will take them all out for drinks and shenanigans at the end of every work week.



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