Day 1 Reaction to the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

It has been less than 24 hours since a heavily armed gunman opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas, killing 59 and wounding over 527 as of writing this FARTICLE, and the news coverage has been non-stop since it started.  I am not liking much of the reaction I am seeing on social media and in many of the main stream and cable news outlets, so let me reiterate what I stated in an earlier post on my Facebook page.  Unless it is being reported by a law enforcement official actively involved with the investigation of this tragic mass murder, then just like me, you know NOTHING.  The speculation, the hyperbole, the “fake news,” and the trolls going so far as to making up fake stories for the purposes of sensationalism do nothing but instigate more fear, cause more damage and harm to the families and loved ones of those who were killed or injured, provokes anger, and distracts everyone from tragedy itself while starting petty arguments over who and what are to blame.  It is getting all too easy to get sucked into sharing click bait without verifying the source and validity of the bullshit being slung.  I’ve been guilty of making that mistake plenty of times, but I’m working on it and improving upon my own accountability.

So far, the wheel of blame has landed on Republicans, President Trump, Liberals, country music fans, white men, and the NRA, to name the top few, but the number one target of keyboard warriors as always is GUNS.  This is an old argument that will never be won by either side of the gun control debate because regardless of which side were to win that battle, neither will ever be able to account for the human factor that cannot be controlled.  Did anyone call for the banning and confiscation of all motor vehicles after terrorists used vans and trucks to mow people down in public venues?  Did anyone call for the banning of explosive devices after concert goers were killed by a man with an IED in his backpack?  Oh wait, those are already banned.  See how well that worked out.  Has anyone called for the banning of baseball bats, hammers, wrenches, knives, blades, and machetes after each case of them being used to commit murder?  How about banning alcohol and cell phones because the combination of one or the other with operating an automobile has been the direct cause of many lives lost?  Did anyone call for the ban of air travel when commercial passenger aircraft were used to kill thousands of people in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA?

Oh no!  It’s those mean old firearms that when placed in the hands of any rational human being cause them to automatically dream of taking as many human lives as possible like it is “the Prescious” from Lord of the Rings.  If that is the case, then we should release everyone who has ever committed a violent crime with a firearm from prison because they are clearly not responsible for their own actions.  Just like it is the match that starts the fire and not the arsonist.

I get it.  We are scared.  We are angry.  We all feel that we should do something in response to this horrific event to satisfy the emotion with which we are all overcome by what has been done to our fellow humans.  I’m right there with you.  We cannot succumb to the external influences compelling us to jump on their various bandwagons to feed their popular agendas because the truth is that they don’t give a single solitary fuck about you, me, or the people who were killed and injured in Las Vegas or any other terrorist attack.  They want your votes.  They want you distracted.  They want you angry.  They want your money.  They want your obedience at the price of your willing sacrifice of the ability to think freely for yourselves.  All of this effort and energy devoted to tricking us into pointing fingers at each other over something for which none of us is responsible and a past we cannot change while ignoring the opportunity to unite us all and take new steps to ensure we can prevent something like this ever happening again.

You can regulate and control inanimate objects all you want, but you cannot regulate and control crazy.  This is one of the most unique cases in U.S. history and the man responsible is a whole new category of bat shit crazy.  Hopefully, we can learn more about the psychology of the shooter to help us better recognize and identify specific activities and patterns of behavior so we can better report and deter a repeat of such dark hatred.  The minds of the evil cannot be controlled, regulated, or predicted by any law, database, registry, metal detector, hyperbole, or hashtag.  This is where the the capabilities of law enforcement stops and the involvement of every day citizens becomes absolutely critical.  I know enough about evil that I can say with complete confidence that somebody saw something with this guy.  Somebody knew something.  Somebody suspected something.  I will be glued to this investigation and learn the motives and planning that led to this mass murder as much as everyone else because no matter how much training one may have to prepare for crisis situations, there was no preparation to counter a situation like this and I expect a lot of lessons learned.

Until the full truth is discovered and shared with the public, all I ask is that everyone looking to point fingers and look for anything to blame to justify your anger, please stop, take a deep breath, concentrate on the people around you in your lives, don’t waste a moment of your life fuming over something beyond your control when you can be making the most of the things that are within your control.  Until the dust settles and we all know what the hell happened, if you want to do your part to help, then give blood, donate to the various funds popping up to cover for medical and funeral costs of those who were killed and injured, find something positive to which you can dedicate your desire to contribute that can do some good for those directly affected.  If that is too limited of an option, then there are relief charities that still need help for the people of Houston, TX and surrounding areas, Florida, and especially Puerto Rico still overcoming unbelievable devastation from the hurricanes who can use all of the help we are willing to give them.  What’s done is done and we cannot change that, but there are people out there who still need us to help them overcome and that is something worth getting excited about.  This is what we are all about.  This is where we excel as people.  Fuck hate.  Do good.

When you have a moment, drop the headlines and look up the many acts of heroism by every day citizens in the midst of danger and at the risk of death.  People can be pretty damn amazing when it matters most and I am infinitely proud of everyone who rushed to help.  In this tragedy and every other.  When a single asshole brings the hate, thousands of heroes rush in to confront it.  That’s the world I live in.  That is the world I love.


FLASHTAG: No FLASHTAG this time, just going to quote one of my favorite lines from the movie, Starman.  “Do you know what I admire most about your people?  That you are at your very best when things are at their very worst.”

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