Equality: The Punchline of the Military

As a slimy TCN (Third Contractor National), I am no longer obligated to endure the relentless training requirements of my military and government civilian counterparts, thank GOD!  However, the slides for the transgender training my team mates were subjected to today were sent out base wide, so I just had to look to see how warm and steamy the plateful of bullshit being fed to them actually is.  Needless to say, I am not shocked, but I am thoroughly disgusted and still fighting the dry heaves from this festering crock upon which we are forced to choke.

If you follow this madness where I spew my insanity, then you are familiar with my position regarding transgenders in the military as referenced in The Mighty Hermaphrodite (http://farticle15.com/?p=283) post.  I will not revisit what my already stated thoughts and offer up some new ones on the overall problem that is only further inflamed by this latest initiative.  First, to be fair to the new policy, despite that this critical fact is the least advertised, the policy clearly states that claiming transgender status only applies to those who have been diagnosed by a qualified physician with having gender dysmorphia, whatever the fuck that means.  In other words, you can’t just start wearing ear rings in uniform and claim to be a woman in order to take an easier PT test.  If you want to bullshit the system, you have to earn it with an actual commitment as documented by a medical professional to live as the gender that contradicts what is or is not swinging between your legs.

No, my bitch is with the military as a whole and their ongoing hollow pursuit of the fallacy they call “equality.”  Okay, we want to be open to everyone and truly be “equal?”  ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!  I want equal dress and appearance standards so that men have the option of growing their hair long, wearing ear rings in uniform, and even wearing a skirt and heels with their class As if they so choose.  I want couches in the men’s rooms like there seems to be in every female latrine in the Air Force.  I want a SINGLE PT standard for EVERYONE in uniform.  If we are equal, then let’s be equal.  Since men are physically incapable of getting pregnant and birthing a child (another major obstacle to this equality bullshit), then the father should have the same option to opt for separation from active duty when that child is born.  I can continue, but I think I have made my point.

The bottom line is that men and women are NOT equal and we never will be.  So many will read that statement and cringe at the audacity of this asshole author for daring to speak such blasphemy, but this is a biological fact and it is NOT a bad thing.  Men and women are different.  We are supposed to be different!  We are not meant to be A-sexual meat sacks.  Our differences are what makes us unique and what gives us our strengths and weaknesses.  To be honest, I have no problem with having different standards in the military for men and women.  We are different.  The standards are in place to make us the best Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines we can be while acknowledging who the person is wearing that uniform and capitalizing on those strengths as men and women.  Being different is not bad or wrong.  There are things men can do that women cannot and things women can do that men cannot.  This is the perfect balance.

I have no bias against anyone for their gender, sexual orientation, life choices, whatever.  My criteria is simple.  When the shit hits the fan and fire and frag are flying everywhere, I expect you to do your fucking job.  I expect you to return fire, fight hard, and carry your bleeding wingman to safety no matter what.  I don’t care if you are male, female, straight, gay, bi, tri, etc and I don’t care by which standards you earned your place in the battle.  As long as you earned it, then I will never question your ability, just do your fucking job.  I’m counting on you to do it for me because I will always do the same for you.

How does this tie back to the transgender revolution?  Again, I reference my Mighty Hermaphrodite post from last June.  I have nothing against transgenders.  I admit that I don’t understand it and cannot comprehend it, but I do not dispute it or denigrate it. However, the reality of the medical and psychological implications are a reality I still do not believe the military has accepted or is prepared to account for if they truly believe in this mythical equality they so desperately covet and cherish.  The military is not a social experiment to appease the 0.03% of Americans who have now been invited into an opportunity to receive a “free” avenue to gender reassignment surgery, psychological therapy, and hormone treatment (“free” meaning the taxpayers cover that cost) while the rest of us have to cover down while they are busy trying to find themselves when they should be focusing on the mission and doing their goddamn jobs.  I won’t even address the likelihood of the whole bathroom choice thing becoming an issue any day now….

Realistically, will this really become that big of a deal that warrants DoD-wide sensitivity training?  0.03%?  Probably not, just the one or two random cases being glorified by mediocre news outlets and local base media for the purpose of earning promotion points for the commanders involved and not for the benefit of the individual.  However, by making this such an issue, this drives another wedge in an already stress fractured military subjected to never-ending sensitivity and PC training that is focused completely on removing the spines and identities of the very people they are counting on to fight the current and the next wars.  Instead of wasting time and resources on more powerpoint presentations, mandatory CBTs, and every other distraction that earns some ass hat their first star at the expense of mission readiness, why are we not dedicating that same amount of effort and energy to weapons training and proficiency, combatives, and survival training?  You know, the shit that matters outside the wire.

Go visit your local VA Medical Center and ask one of those injured warriors what training really mattered to them when they were shot or blown up.  I have.



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