All I Want For Christmas

As I type this, we are only a few short hours away from Christmas and the first day of Hanukkah is coming to a close in my time zone.  Right now, families all over the world are winding down from family festivities in preparation for the excitement of Christmas morning and day 2 of their festival of lights.  Some opened presents today, some will open presents tomorrow morning, and if your family is as cool as mine was when I was a kid, some will get to do both!  As we prepare for the madness of kids and relatives turning our homes into an apocalypse of wrapping paper, eating a wonderful holiday meal, and then kicking back to watch football or Christmas movies on one of the greatest days of the year, FARTICLE 15 wishes to extend our love, our prayers, and our infinite thanks for those who will not be able to enjoy such luxuries this holiday season.

All police and law enforcement agencies who are on duty, keeping our streets safe and voluntarily offering themselves up as human shields in order to protect the lives of every citizen.  THANK YOU!

All first responders and medical personnel saving lives in the streets and in our hospitals, always on call to run into a fire, apply emergency first aid in the back of a speeding ambulance, and conduct emergency surgery to ensure the chance of a victim being around to celebrate the next holiday.  THANK YOU!

All military, government, and contractor personnel, be you deployed to some wasteland in hostile territory or, manning the gates on base, guarding a flightline or base perimeter, or standing a watch.  THANK YOU!

Last and far from the least, all of my family and friends I have known throughout my life.  The best kid by whom it is my greatest honor to be called DAD.  The best parents I could have ever imagined being the ones I have the honor of calling Mom and Dad. My friends, my sports team mates, my tennis buddies, my surfing crew, my drinkin’ bros, my wingmen, and every one of my fellow warfighters, past, present, and future.  Every one of you have pulled my ass out of the soggiest shit storms and toasted in celebration for my greatest achievements.  I am the luckiest man alive because of being a part of your lives.  THANK YOU!

You are all my heroes and I have this simple wish for this 2016 holiday season.  Love the people in your lives and make the most out of every second you have with them.  Also, say a prayer, send hope, good vibes, or whatever your PC equivalent to a prayer may be to those who can’t be with family during this time.  That’s it.  Pretty simple.  Now go, get on it!  Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, happy whatever that Yule thing is for the Wiccans, and cheers to whatever the fuck atheists are into!



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