Spontaneous Combustion

While I have remained fairly silent lately, as there has been little to discuss of interest beyond this anarchy of an election season, the ongoing reactions to the results of a Trump victory the past few days have awoken this sleeping giant and I want to address both sides of this impending civil war.  If you follow my bullshit on this page, then you are already aware of my positions and that I think parties are fucking stupid and our electoral process limiting us to the predominant two that we have is downright criminal.  Because I have to categorize myself as belonging to any party for the purpose of voter registration, I am an independent because I think both sides are fucked in the head.  I have made my personal positions clear with no regrets and no apologies and will not reengage them here.  So, without further adieu, here we go….

Republicans.  While I salute your victory and appreciate your celebration as there must always be a winner in any contest, the lack of civility I am seeing, hearing, and reading is downright shameful.  I understand expressing your opinions with facts, personal stories, and funny memes leading up to an election to influence others to understand and embrace your positions.  Guilty.  Done it myself.  That is fair game.  However, now that the election is over, I am all for supporting our President-elect, but the relentless shaming of your fellow citizens who voted for Clinton has escalated way out of control.  There is no honor in kicking your opponent when they are down, especially when your opponent is a fellow American.  This applies to both sides, but I am pointing the finger at the Trump voters since it is relevant to the 2016 election.  Grow up, move forward, and prove yourselves right.  You want others to see the world from your perspective?  Then instead of shitting on them when it’s over, pick them up, shake their hand, offer them a beer, then sit down and talk to them and try to share and gain understanding of each others concerns.  You might both learn something.  Shit, you should have done that BEFORE the election, but it’s never too late.  There is no statute of limitations on healing.  Be the better person.

Democrats.  You guys are going to take the brunt of the heat on this one, so brace yourselves.  All of this rioting, burning the American Flag, burning other peoples shit, attacking people and beating the shit out of them, calling for the end of the electoral college, petitioning your state to secede from the country, and openly advocating the assassination of our President-elect?  Are you fucking shitting me?  YOU were the most vocal about demanding peace and unity!  YOU!!!  And when I say you, I know that the actions of a few rogue dip shits does not represent every liberal, but I am not seeing much in the media or social media denouncing or demanding an end to this ridiculous and violent behavior.  Seriously, you guys all freaked out about Trump saying he would not accept the results if he lost, which he didn’t actually say, but when he wins, everyone loses their shit and rioters freak out and put pubic safety at risk?  Does the hypocrisy taste good?  Put the fork down before you choke on it.  If listening to whiny celebrity fucktards call for revolution is a legitimate excuse for you to actually take that challenge seriously, then you should have put them up for President because your priorities are ass backwards.  Whether you choose to accept it or not, there are ZERO implications of voter fraud, election rigging, or media bias from the conservative side.  Even Fox News had Trump losing throughout the primaries right up to election night.  The same cannot be said about the Clinton campaign and the media.  It is what it is.

Now, let’s clear up some of the knee-jerk reaction fears regarding our new President-elect and his objectives for our country.  Trump has been accused of being a racist, misogynist, anti-gay, anti-abortion, and a sexist.  I get it.  Most liberals tend to be social issue voters.  Just going on statistics here and what my liberal friends tell me, so let’s examine those accusations.  Is Trump a racist?  Let’s ask the black woman he dated, or Ben Carson, or Omarosa, Sheriff David Clark, or his Jewish son-in-law.  I’m willing to bet they would say otherwise and all will likely have a roll in the administration.  Is Trump a sexist?  Let’s ask Kelly Ann Conway, the woman who just became the first female to lead a presidential campaign to victory.  Perhaps we can ask his daughters or the many women he has promoted to the highest positions in his company to lead the biggest projects and get paid the same and sometimes more than their male counterparts.  Is Trump anti-gay and anti-abortion?  Notice that he largely avoided social issues throughout his campaign except for the obligatory mention when he needed the evangelical and hardcore conservative support.  It’s politics, they all do it.  He stuck to policies dealing with the economy and national security.  Trump doesn’t give two shits about gay marriage and the standing rulings in the Supreme Court is in zero danger.  If I am wrong and he threatens to overturn your rights, then I promise I will be the first to stand with you in opposition.  One of my gay friends has expressed extreme fear that his marriage will be nullified by Trump based upon the Republican platform on marriage, which is outdated and misguided, and I completely understand his fear.  I can’t imagine what he is feeling after all he has had to endure to get where he is now.  To him, I say only this.  Stay strong.  This I will defend.  Now, regarding, abortion.  Considering all of the action he has gotten over the years, I personally am willing to bet that a few ladies exited an abortion clinic with their bills paid and no questions asked in Trumps younger days.  That brings us to the accusation of misogyny.  Aside from the very brief snippet of information provided above, is Trump really a misogynist beyond his words?  His actions prove otherwise.  Yes, he said some stupid shit and some things that some perceive as sexist in a few cases, no denying that at all.  However, if you can look any man in the eye and honestly believe that they have not had similar juvenile conversations, then you not only found one amongst the 1%, you found the next fucking Pope!  And ladies, get off your fucking high horse.  I come from a military background and have said far worse than Trump on a daily basis, but I have often done so in the presence of my female team mates and heard equally radical shit from them, so fuck you and your hypocrisy.  Hillary was smart to capitalize on that Billy Bush recording to harness the female, metrosexual male, and asexual millennial male vote.  The metro and hipster dudes are innocent because they most likely never get laid anyway and are blind as a result, but the women are full of shit.  Your locker room talk is far worse than ours and you know it.  Just ask Hillary’s buddy Jay-Z.  He got 99 problems, but Hillary ain’t one…..Real role model there.

I can spend days re-hashing every negative point about both candidates, but we have all heard it a million times and I for one am fucking fed up with it on all sides.  The point of this rant, that will no doubt draw heat anyway from those out there still looking to pick a fight for the sake of just being pissed off, is that I am tired of the bullshit and hope you guys are too.  Right now, we are all fucked up.  We have become so resistant to the opinions and ideas of those who feel differently that we have compromised our objectivity, our integrity, and our compassion.  If we can’t stand for each other, then what else is there for us to stand?

Neither side is without blame.  There was quite a bit of bullshit antics from the conservative side when Obama was elected both times and it was just as petty, but it never reached this level of danger.  This shit has to stop.  The division is widening and the unity and peace we all claim to want is collapsing into that bottomless crevice between us.  If we don’t calm the fuck down and try to come together, there could very well be another civil war and that is a war where nobody wins.  Sounds doomsday-ish, but that writing is on the wall if you really pay attention.  And our enemies are watching.  Waiting.  Hoping we implode so they can airdrop in to finish the job.  If I were Russia, China, Iran, Daesh, or Al Qaida, that’s not only what I would be waiting for, but I would be exploiting it and instigating our collapse to facilitate an actual Red Dawn scenario.  But then again, what do I know….I’m just an old military strategist who fought a few wars, loves America, and loves my fellow Americans.

I’m not asking anyone to abandon their values or stop fighting for everything they believe, I’m just asking for everyone to step out of their bubbles, safe spaces, and fortresses and get to know each other again.  We are humans, anger is part of our nature, but when that anger leads to, justifies, and encourages hatred and violence toward other humans for the sake of electing a single human to a position that does not empower them to the level of power most believe it does and does actually does NOT, then we have lost our focus and our vision.  There is more to us than that and we need to remind ourselves and each other of what makes us so unique, so different, and so alike.  People abandoning people and spewing hate towards someone on Wednesday when they were the closest of friends the Tuesday before?  Over a fucking politician?  Have we devolved to such a level of petty immaturity?  This isn’t Lord of the Flies, folks.  We are better than this.  Time to open our eyes and fucking act like it.  I will be right there to stand with you.




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  1. Matt

    It is sad how uncivilized people can get after a loss or victory.


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