The Mighty Hermaphroditee

Well, been awhile since I derailed your trains of thought with a self-righteous ego-maniacal rant, but with all that is going on in the world and overflowing chunks of turd from the media septic tank polluting our landscape of common sense and rational thought, I couldn’t think of much to really comment on that everyone isn’t already waging internet tough guy wars about on social media.  Politics, elections, terrorism, racism, safe spaces, political correctness, gender identity, equal rights, which bathroom I can drop a deuce in depending on whether or not I feel like a dude or a chick on that particular day, rioters violently attacking fellow citizens for supporting a particular presidential candidate, plane crashes, ongoing war (but not really a war…) all over the middle east, and anything and everything that serves to be nothing more than a distraction from substantive realities that matter (or is reported in a manner to compel the audience to believe what is important really isn’t while hollow and trivial bullshit are spun as a global fucking catastrophe).

However, a decision was made today that finally pulled the pin on the hate grenade twitching in my brain.  Ash Carter announced that the ban on transgenders in the military will be lifted.  I typically examine such decisions from as objective of a point of view as possible to evaluate the pros and cons, for the individual and for the whole, and I can’t lie.  As soon as I heard this, I lost my fucking shit.  My aggravation is not directed at transgenders at all, but at the DoD for the provisions that accompany this decision.  You can read the full article at the link below, but there are a few things that jump out that piss me off.  First, despite the choice to get gender reassignment surgery, which is ELECTIVE SURGERY that offers no enhancement to mission effectiveness, but hinders the mission by taking that military member out of deployment eligibility for an extended period and likely keeps them on limited duty for an extended period as well, along with all of the time out of the unit for the follow up appointments….The military is going to pay for it!!!!  That’s right, tax dollars that cannot offer active duty members a decent annual pay raise anymore, cannot protect active duty members from having housing allowances cut, and cannot protect active duty and retired members from increased TRICARE premiums to offset the costs of keeping our military on life support so we can have a shitload of F-35s that can’t be maintained and cannot excel in any of it’s “multi-role” missions are going to pay for hormone therapy and surgically crafted cocks and vaginas…HOW IS THAT GOING TO HELP ME WIN THE FUCKING WAR?!?!?!  Hormone therapy, surgical conversion, psychological screening and evaluation.  Appointment after appointment with countless hours and days away from the unit and mission for ELECTIVE SURGERY to boost the morale of the individual at the expense of the unit, mission, and personnel they serve and lead.  AND WE’RE FUCKING PAYING FOR IT!!!!


As a man who served 20 years, I am also pissed off that once the tranny assumes their new gender, they have to meet the PT standards for that gender.  This may hurt some feelings, but the reality is that women have lower PT standards than men because they cannot physically meet the male standards.  That is not my opinion, that is fact supported by all services who have separate gender standards for that very reason.  So, if a female decides to become a male, she/he/it/whatever now has to meet male PT standards.  Anyone want to take bets on how long that lasts before we have the first outcry of the military being unfair when the first tranny clit-dick fails it’s PT test?  And on the flip side, how about the males who become females?  Now, these former men are required to meet lower PT standards as a female, giving them a significant advantage over their “born-female” peers.  So in our effort to truly force equality and “quality of life for all,” haven’t we just tipped the scales of fairness away from the 99.999% of military members who are NOT trans-gender?  Here is another question.  If we really give a shit about equality, ignoring the hypocrisy of this concept highlighted by the different gender standards for PT, can men in uniform grow their hair long?  Can they wear ear rings in uniform?  Sure, sounds petty and stupid, but it is quite convenient for those who force the transgender issue on the armed forces to fall back on “tradition” when a male asks if he can grow his hair long in accordance with the same grooming standards as females.


Now, let’s get to what really chaps my ass about this issue…

WHY THE FUCK DO WE CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT?!?!?!  With all of the fucked up madness and anarchy happening in this world, WHY WAS THIS THE ONE PRIORITY FOR THE DOD?!?!?!  Don’t we have far more critical issues, threats, and dangers to address right about now?  15 years of a COIN fight our elected leaders have no desire to win while our warfighters are killed and injured fighting it?  Veterans dying left and right while waiting for desperately needed care from the VA?  Domestic and homegrown terrorism?  Force modernization?  Retention?  Shall I go on?


Again, let me clarify that I have no issue with tranny’s.  And if you have an issue with me using the word TRANNY, I have an issue with you for being a PC pussy, so fuck you and you safe space.  I am evaluating this situation purely from a military mission effectiveness and equality standpoint.  Fair is fair and the decision made today with the guiding provisions is not fair and will be a hinderance to the mission and the safety of any number of the millions of military members who have to pick up the slack while you are off surgically validating your “identity.”  If you join the military just to get a free sex change operation, then you should have to pull back to back 365 deployments to a combat zone and be the first one outside the wire every time because you cheated the rest of us and put us all at risk so you could make us haul your weight while you were learning to be your new gender at our expense, physically and financially.  FUCK YOU!!!  Oh, and per the provisions, getting the surgery is not required to serve as the gender of your choice.  Here is my response to that…If you choose to serve, claim to be the opposite gender that does not coincide with your genitals, but don’t go through with the full physical transition, then you are even less fit to serve because you lack commitment and conviction.  You have no integrity.  If you still have a 5-o’clock shadow at the end of the day, piss standing up, and have to adjust your balls in uniform, you’re a fucking dude.  PERIOD!!!  If you can’t take off your shirt during a shirts vs. skins game of basketball during unit PT because you have tits, can’t piss standing up, and still go on hormonal rages every 28 days because of your period, you’re a fucking chick.  END OF DISCUSSION!!!


For anyone out there looking for an excuse to use this anger eruption as an excuse to accuse me of gay bashing, you can all shove the butt plug a little deeper and bite down on the strap on dildo a little harder because I am and have been an incredible advocate of gays being able to serve openly in the military with full equal rights.  Go back and read previous FARTICLES, I’m too pissed off to repeat myself to appease the haters.

I’m tired of the bullshit, folks.  I’m angry and you should be too.  Not just over this matter that has me all ruffled up tonight, but over ALL of the bullshit.  I can’t watch the news anymore.  It’s not just the bad shit happening in this world that we cannot seem to find a way to prevent or stop when it happens (or perhaps don’t WANT to prevent because someone is making a buck from the carnage), but the overwhelmingly extreme reactions to every extreme from every internet warrior who knows jack and shit about it and think they have the only solution and GOD DAMMIT, they are going to force you to fucking listen to their drooling retarded jackassery!

We need to get our shit together and get it together soon because the batteries powering the life support keeping our society alive are draining rapidly.  We need to rack and stack our priorities for what is best for our country, not cater to the popular activist cause flavor of the week.  Unfortunately, money feeds our elections, not qualification, which drives our politics and those elected politicians are nothing more than self-serving.  Not one of our elected politicians are capable of leading this country and the few who are willing are focused on their personal priorities and not what is best for everyone, based on an objective strategy.  Voting these days is a lose lose gamble.  All you can do is choose which cactus will cause the lesser amount of permanent damage to your bunghole.

You were hoping for hearts, flowers, unicorns, and rainbows after my months-long hiatus?  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  Not my style!  You should know me better than that by now!!!  Maybe you will get another funny FLASHBACK soon, but for tonight….FUCK OFF!!!  I’m pissed off and tonight I am dragging you fuckers down to my level just to reinforce how much I am very much the vile asshole I always told you that I am!!!





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