Practicing Bleeding: Part III….Pillars of Salt Peter

When it comes to America and my infinite and invincible love for our country, my freedom boner gets bigger and harder every second of every day of my short existence on this rock floating in space.  I make no excuses and I make no apologies for my patriotism.  However, I cannot help but succumb to an ever growing aggravation I am feeling toward the modern culture trying to chisel away at my patriotism from within to justify their perspectives from having been raised in the blame culture of spineless ignorance, self-righteous entitlement, blissful slavery, and willing failure.  The early start to the election season is bringing them out in hoards and I can tolerate stupidity, but we are standing at the threshold of state-sponsored insurrection.  Insurrection by those encouraged by the elected and community leaders to destroy America and insurrection by those willing to defend America against the government and the drone army attempting to break the back of freedom.  This is becoming a civil cold war.

I have already covered what I want in a leader, so I won’t go down that road again here.  Instead, let’s take a look back in history at a few events of THEN that are shaping the arguments of NOW, beginning with the current events in the middle east.  20 years of active duty military service has blessed me with knowing incredible people from all over the world and all walks of life, each with their own perspectives, each with their own opinion.  Many of them often opposing my own.  This is a good thing. They keep me challenged and keep me sharp.  Regarding the fight against the various goat fucker terrorist entities out there, none will be named because they get no recognition in my thoughts here tonight, some have tried to justify the actions of those who we are fighting.  Those who are responsible for the deaths of so many innocent human lives and the deaths of my fellow defenders of freedom.  They have defended jihad, as did our failure in chief, by saying (this is a no-shit quote by one), “well, the Christians did the same shit with the Crusades!”  No shit?  REALLY?!?!?!  OH!!!!  So what people who do not represent me who did some stupid shit 700 years ago when America wasn’t even a country justifies you holding all of us responsible for the evil actions of these low-life livestock rapists today?  Well thank you very fucking much for making it all so clear!  By using the six degrees of separation principle, I’m pretty sure I can justify every brutal act on every human on the planet, DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY!!!!  Assholes.  I’ve heard it all.  “They are just a product of their lack of access to modern culture.  They only do what they are told because they can’t read.  The CIA made them do it (my favorite crackhead conspiracy theory).  They want what we have.”  And the top of the tree-hugging, never been there, never done that, life is a giant rainbow colored tit that we must keep sucking on to feed our blind assholiness to get through the day theory is….”We just need to try to understand them better so we can relate to them and they won’t hate us so much.”  This one always makes me laugh because I have yet to meet ONE of those circle-jerking knob-gobblers of fantasy to ever once volunteer to pack their shit and head on out there to spread the love.  That two-finger peace sign will be met with a fist in the stink and they know it.

What is the confusion?  The stated objective of these psycho ass-plasms, along with many of the states sponsoring them, is to KILL THE INFIDEL.  Ahm nawt uh smaht mayn, but ah do know whut eevuhl iyis.  DUDE!!!  The enemy we are fighting still wipes their asses with their bare hands!!!!  They came from the same culture that invented fucking ALGEBRA!!!!  Look, if you hate America, everything we stand for, and the American Flag….If you live here….LEAVE.  Revoke your citizenship and seek life elsewhere.  And I don’t mean another western country where you can live the same western lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to in America.  Haul your holier than thou asses off to those places where the enemy lives and see how far your ME ME ME bullshit gets you there.  Tolerance?  No one is more tolerant than we are in America.  We put up with YOUR shit, don’t we?

World history has a funny way of perpetuating enduring paradigms.  And those paradigms often serve to make the point of view render the collective thought process that of the full retard potato group think.  France?  The country of surrender, right?  The French are more actively engaged than ever in the war on terrorism.  It struck their home and they are rightfully pissed.  Now if they wouldn’t run out of bombs so quickly and could drop something bigger than a 250lb class warhead every now and then, I would be happier.  England?  Everyone seems to forget everything the Brits have done throughout history to shape modern western culture across the board today, not to mention being our most loyal and hardcore allies in just about every conflict in the last century.  “Fuck the Brits, we dumped their asses with the Boston Tea Party because of high taxes!”  No shit, I hear this from college students today!  Poland?  It’s not as bad, but I still hear Polock jokes to this day, though no one who tells them knows the origin of that perception of the Poles.  Not only are they no longer charging enemy tanks on horseback with sabers, but the Poles have some of the best special operators in the business and are more engaged in the current fight than most would know.  Australia?  Anyone out there know that the Aussies are engaged?  Not only are the Aussies engaged, but those crazy fuckers are some of the most hardcore badass war fighters I have ever worked with and they are on OUR side, still engaged, and still fighting.  I can keep this going for pages and pages, but you get the point.  The history of a country yesterday does not define the country of NOW.

Another popular argument for and against the actions of America is old reliable.  That’s right….GOD!!!  I hear the argument on the liberal and conservative sides and I wish both would just shut the fuck up and quit blaming everything on a dude none of us has ever met and had a beer with over the conversation of, “so what the fuck are we doing here, almighty?”  Every time I watch any political grandstanding or debate when it comes to God, I swear it is like watching Pat Robertson argue with Russell Brand over the true meaning of Sodom and Gomorra.  Was Jesus right to turn everyone into pillars of salt?  They were rapists, after all.  They were given a choice, whether they knew it or not.  Then again, Jesus had the power to turn them all into pillars of salt, yet never revealed his identity to the rapist neighborhood, never said, “hey dumbasses, what you are doing is fucked up and I will thrash the shit out of you if you don’t unfuck yourselves,” and he never once used his power to compel them to “see the light.”  Nope, strike one, you’re out!  Pillars of salt all around!  I hate this story because I think Jesus is the ultimate asshole.  He could have fixed the corruption, but didn’t.  However, he had no issue pulling the trigger on wiping out a couple of towns like Hiroshima and Nagasaki right in front of Lot and his family.  Now, to be fair, Jesus’ story wasn’t told until a few centuries after the event, record keeping sucked and fantasies were likely embellished for religious control, and perhaps Jesus could be getting a bad rap on this deal.  Who knows, we sinners are compulsive liars when it comes to controlling power.  If you are paying attention, you’ll see what I just did there.  Sadly, if Jesus came back today, in the modern age of technology, data mining, server archives, smart phone, surveillance, cameras, videos, you name it, his legitimacy would be doubted because as the same technology is as deceptive and destructive as it is as protective and subservient.  One photoshop and Jesus would be doomed.  Just like identity theft.  Just because my credit card was used to buy an inflatable Freddy Mercury doll 5000 miles away, doesn’t mean I bought it, right?  Regardless, the transaction was made in my name and my credit report is tarnished for life.  If God exists, he will only win if he plays by his rules and not by mans.

Shit, let’s look at something a little more recent.  Remember when Tipper Gore was rallying liberals in the big censorship fight?  Everything was offensive and needed to be banned or labeled with a parental advisory.  Now, the liberals are the champions of free EVERYTHING.  Gay rights, trannys, legalization of marijuana, etc.  I’m cool with this, these issues have no direct impact on my life and they benefit many close friends whom I consider family.  The trade off by their rebellion against Christianity and the American Flag, on the other hand, I have a problem with.  The conservatives making God the center of everything equally annoys the fuck out of me.  Especially the ones who rally over trashing anyone who ever tried drugs, alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or watched porn when they all did the same shit at some point.  Bottom line is that we are all hypocrites and we need to get over ourselves as quickly as possible, before our country becomes so divided that we finally hit the wrong chamber in this game of Russian Roulette.  People change.  Judge by who we are now and not by who we were.  Appreciate what we have been through to get us where we are today.

Every country has great people doing great things, whether they go noticed or unnoticed.  The problem is that today, a country’s accomplishments and greatness is judged by a single individual who is held accountable for the actions of the many under their leadership.  America has around 400,000,000 people.  Is it really possible to find that ONE person to represent us all?  Is there a better system doe which to bring about world peace?  I don’t know and if I had a better idea, I wouldn’t be sitting in my living room drinking beer and listening to my iPod while blasting my crazy thoughts on a blog that no one is reading.  All I am convinced of at this moment is that what we are doing now is not working and if we don’t figure this shit out quickly, we are closer to walking the plank than we realize.

We cannot take full responsibility for the entire world at this point.  There is not one human who has enough knowledge of every culture and geopolitical climate in every region of the world in such a short lifetime with the understanding required to make everyone happy across the board, but we need to find someone who can at least do what is best for America so we can fix what is broken at home and then move forward to supporting our friends and allies abroad and eventually inspiring others to do what is best for their citizens as well.  I don’t know if such a single leader exists in order to serve the overall collective.  I hope that person is out there, but I do not believe we have yet evolved to that point.  Until then, if we are to remain under our current system of government in America, aside from the MANY changes I would make, here are the initial changes I want made to the voting ballots and laws to force the voters to better know what they are getting us all into.

1. NO party affiliation identified on any candidates.

2. Full disclosure of financial and tax history (any attempts to block or hide such information is an automatic disqualifier).

3. ZERO lobbyist affiliation.

4. Voter fraud or tampering is punishable by deportation to any shithole that isn’t HERE!

5. No social issues.  Leave that crap to the states.  The enemy doesn’t give a fuck about gay rights, abortion, or cigarette taxes.  Give us candidates who will protect our national security and make our economy thrive for all to benefit.

6. If you can’t answer a direct question regarding an important issue, i.e. if I ask you about how you will bring down the national debt and you give me your history of what you did for a state economy in the past, just shut the fuck up!  I didn’t ask you what you did for someone else then, I want to know what you are going to do for ALL of us NOW.  Don’t waste my fucking time.

7. If you are running based upon ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, party affiliation, religious base, favorite flavor of ice cream…ADIOS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!  Run as an AMERICAN for ALL AMERICANS or go play human pogo stick with a cactus crammed up your asshole, don’t waste our time!

One person can’t do this job.  We need to do this together.  There may not be the one person who can represent the hundreds of millions, but we have to find someone to inspire us to actually vote for the leaders we want vice the lesser of two evils who floated to the top of the shit bog of losers we hate less than the other.  It’s on us.  If we can’t find a reason to put our faith in what we have available in the candidates we have, then we need to question those candidates until they crumble like the failures they are, they break from their chains and become the leaders we hope they can be, or we inspire someone new to step up and be the leader we deserve.  It’s on us.  No one else is going to do it for us.  I will never quit and I am counting on you to stand with me.  Stand for America.



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  1. SLAM

    I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I just watched some video of riots in Baltimore, and have this to say. And it’s not going to be liked by all, most or some, and I really don’t care. I don’t care if you get offended, or butt hurt over my words, and they cross all country boundaries.

    I don’t care what your beliefs are, what you think you are entitled to, or what you think you earned. One thing is true, and one thing only. If you are in a country, of your origin or not, you WILL assimilate to that culture of society, and FOLLOW their established LAWS. If you do not you are no longer a productive member of that society, and have one of two choices (only)! Change (assimilate), or Leave. If you have a problem with the society you live in, you can change it, but in the right way, and if you do not choose (which you always have the right to) the proper method of change, then you are to blame. And MUST pay the consequences of YOUR actions. If you hate a place so much because it won’t assimilate to meet YOUR needs, YOU are wrong, and FREE to leave.

    I did not, and will not allow someone to dictate to me how and what I should or should not be, because unlike most (not on here though) I am 1 of the less than 1% that have put on a uniform and earned my citizenship and freedom. If YOU don’t like that analogy, I will put it another way that will make more sense. YOU have rights under the constitution and the Bill of Rights, but that does not mean you can infringe on mine.

    Lastly, I have refused to go back to America, simply for one reason. Americans. And by that I mean all the freeloading, non-productive members of society who fail to recognize their ability, or right to change their own path, and future by their own actions. Freedom does not come from government, it comes with hard work and diligence. If you are not willing to do those things to change your life, DO NOT expect me to pay or give you something not earned. You want respect, earn it, you want money, earn it, you want a better life, then work hard, and earn it. Otherwise, go away. We, as a society do not need or want you. You are a drag, drain, abuser of a system designed to protect and defend the freedoms of all, not just the elite, not just the down trodden, but all.

    If in fact you want to be part of a specific society, then assimilate, and become part of a functioning society. DO NOT try to push your beliefs, ideas, whatever else, on anyone else. DO YOUR PART to make YOUR life better, and not expect me to do it for you! I will not, and do not expect anyone to do anything for me that I am not willing to do myself. So make a choice, and stick with it.



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