Practicing Bleeding: Part II

Military members are forbidden from associating with organizations or entities or participating in activities which advocate or promote the overthrow of the United States Government.  To earn and maintain a security clearance, be it as active duty, guard, reserve, civilian, or contractor, that rule is amplified and thoroughly enforced.  So what are the rules for our Traitor in Chief of the American Armed Forces?  The tee box talking head who holds all of the power and the highest of all security clearances?  I cannot help but wonder what would happen to an officer or enlisted member of any service if they were caught dealing with any group who goes on national TV and says “DEATH TO AMERICA!”  Not just once, but pretty much a frequent occurrence over the past few decades.  Yes, I am talking about Iran, just in case you weren’t absolutely sure…

How about that little thing, that whole position about wiping Israel off the map?  The holocaust is a hoax?  What about the Iranian General who last week stated, “destruction of Israel is non-negotiable”?  The same country who is an “ally” in Iraq, but an enemy in Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria, be it through direct involvement or sponsorship of terrorist groups stirring up the shit pot?  WHY THE FUCK ARE WE EVEN TALKING TO THEM AT ALL???  Hell, even the arab nations in the middle east are rallying to fight the bare-handed ass wipers Iran is sponsoring in bordering nations today.  And we are trying to cut a deal on fucking NUKES?  If you were any other country looking at America from the outside, could you come to any other conclusion than WHAT THE FUCK????

Sure, let’s kiss Iran’s filthy asshole and kick Israel to the curb.  I don’t care what your feelings may be toward Benjamin Netenyahu, Israel is the one country in the region who has been keeping the maniacs corralled in that part of the world, whether you want to admit it or not.  Israel has proven time and time again that if you fuck with them, they will kill you.  If you try to build nuclear weapons, they will bomb your ass.  Now, with Saudi Arabia in the mix against the Houthis, that just may open a more direct airspace route for Israel to remind Iran of a past they wish to forget.  Iraq may be pressured by the Iranians to deny airspace, but what is Iraq going to do?  Scramble their “air force?”  Now think about all of the fucked up shit going down in multiple countries in the middle east with Daesh coagulating a giant shit blizzard of violent confusion on top of all of the other threats Obama ordered us to run away from and facilitate the mess we are in today.  No one knows who is on whose side.  Syria?  Our enemy, but our enemy’s enemy.  Iraq?  Our “friend,” but attached to an Iranian choke chain.  Iran?  Uh…our “friends” in Iraq?  Fuck, I don’t know.  Our enemy everywhere else?  Pretty much.  Saudi Arabia?  The biggest, best equipped, and best trained military in the region?  Those pussies never do shit unless they are hiding behind the American shield and even they said, “fuck this shit!  We’re bombing those fuckers in Yemen!”  And what is our FOTUS doing?  NEGOTIATING WITH THE FUCKING COUNTRY WHO FACILITATED MUCH OF THE CURRENT CRISIS!!!!

Fuck it, you get the picture.  You all read the news and know what the hell is going on, so let me just get to the point here.  The leadership that WE collectively as a country voted into office to lead this nation is an absolute failure.  Even the ones we may like to agree with, they are all failures because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be having the problems we are now and we are in some seriously deep shit here.

Foreign policy: FAIL!


Obama promised to hire NO lobbyists…FAIL!

Tim Geithner, Secretary of Treasury.  Didn’t pay his own fucking taxes!  FAIL!

Every press secretary of this administration forced to eat shit for perpetuating the lies…FAIL!

Affordable Care Act…FAIL!

Kathleen Sebelius…FAIL!

The IRS and Lois “fuck you, I’m not saying shit” Lerner…FAIL!

Fast and Furious….FAIL!

Eric Holder…FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, and fucking FAIL!!!

Racism in America…FAIL!


Cash for Clunkers…FAIL!

Al Sharpton (doesn’t pay his fucking taxes either when he is out promoting racist hypocrisy)…FAIL!

Benghazi…FAIL x4!!!

Hillary “still haven’t accomplished a motherfuckin’ thing besides get Americans killed while deleting my emails” Clinton..FAIL!!!!!

John “who do I have to blow to get into the White House because I am a spineless traitor” Kerry…FAIL!


Homeland Security…FAIL!

Welfare, despite the best of intentions and the many who truly deserve the help who are unfairly lumped in with the society leaches excited to get their hands on the “Obama phone,” even though that was a program started by Reagan…Well, yeah.  FAIL!!!!


Golf course avoidance…FAIL!!!

Eric Holder again because he could not possibly go more full retard if it were a Hollywood production…FAIL!!!!!!!

Harry Reid…To give him the FAIL label is an insult to failures.



To every Republican and Democrat in the Senate and Congress who talked a big game and still allowed this nightmare to happen, you are all fucking worthless and should be water boarded by every free American pissing on your faces, most of you having two faces to be used as a target.  YOU FAIL!

To every American voter.  WE FAILED.

So how would President FLASH get the job done?  Well, I don’t have the time tonight to cover every aspect of leading a nation, but here’s what I would do with some of the immediate problems that will force many others to resolve themselves quickly…

First, every country receiving financial aid (bribe money) from the American tax payer who is a known or suspected sponsor of terrorism or human rights violations is immediately cut off.  No more of MY money for you!  If you are receiving foreign aid out of American tax dollars and your country has shown no signs of economic improvement while your leadership continues to live fat dumb and happy, you are cut off.  Done!  No more!

Second, we are out of the UN and those pack of back stabbing blue falcons have 7 days to pack their shit and get the fuck out of New York.  The UN has done nothing but impede progress for everyone while fucking us over for their own personal agendas while begging us to save them whenever they get into trouble while simultaneously bitching at us for not paying our dues.  Fuck you, you are FIRED!

Third, I will have to consult with my geopolitical advisors before I decide on this, but our current involvement in the war on terror in the middle east will go one of two directions.  All or nothing.  Either we commit to winning, ditch these bullshit ROEs that are getting my brothers and sisters killed left and right, and take the fight to these goatfuckers full throttle and be in it to win it or we pack up and bug out so our troops can live and we can reconstitute for the next big fight.  The Sunnis and Shia have been at each others throats for much longer than we have been a country, not to mention the hundreds of tribal off-shoots.  If the culture that came up with algebra, yet still wipes their asses with their bare hands cannot unfuck themselves by now, then fuck them, we’re out, no more American casualties because picking either side is wrong, buh BYE!  In either scenario, Iran is catching a few cruise missiles and massive ordnance penetrators so that nuclear negotiations will no longer be necessary.

Fourth, my entire staff will be comprised of military veterans.  Yes, this is my bias, but considering the wide range of expertise required to run a country, I need the most adaptable leaders available who either already have the appropriate experience or know where to find it quickly and learn to apply it.  NO POLITICIANS.  NO LOBBYISTS.  NO BLUE FALCONS.  My ROEs will be simple and TRANSPARENT.  Once I lay out my rules, roles, and responsibilities, anyone on my staff who violates my ROEs is gone.  I hate the 1-strike and you are out philosophy, but this is one drastic measure I am willing to take to restore the faith of the American citizens in their elected leadership.  As are the rules for the average citizen, blue falcons will be burned.

Fifth, homeland security will become more than just a department.  It will become POLICY.  The borders will be on lockdown.  Motes dug.  Layers of double-edged razor blade topped fences built with concertina wire between each layer.  24/7 land-based, space-based, and airborne EO, IR, SIGINT, and MASINT coverage of the entire border with a greatly expanded border security force with far more flexible ROEs to enforce that security (uh, that would be the current laws they are being ordered to ignore at the moment…).  I may even consider National Guard taskings with air support employing fixed and rotary-winged assets with complete air-to-surface engagement authority.  I don’t like that idea, but if we are incapable or unwilling to carpet bomb the drug cartels with a SEAL Team 6 chaser, then fuck their chances of getting inside our borders.  I will re-evaluate our TTPs when I am convinced the threat has been mitigated or eliminated.

Sixth, I SOOOOOOO want to make the fucking IRS go away forever, but that is not practical or logical, but a serious fucking overhaul is in order.  I will hire someone smarter than myself to unfuck that mess.

Seventh, Congress and the Senate will work a normal annual schedule with military E-7 pay and benefits and 30 days of leave a year.  If they can live that middle of the road military pay grade quality of living and are forced to be held accountable for their duty performance, I’m pretty sure we will get some fucking results.

Eighth, I will build up our military in a way that will make Reagan arise from the grave and jerk off on his own tombstone and I will pay for the build up with the initiatives above.  I will make certain that China and Russia are scared shitless of fucking with us or anyone else ever again.

Ninth, cops, fire dogs, teachers, and all public servants who dedicate their lives to bettering or protecting every life they come into contact with will be set for life, assuming they meet explicitly detailed performance standards.

Tenth, I will kill off bullshit medical lawsuits and the pharmaceutical reign over our healthcare programs that fleece all patients like a prison gang rape.  If you think paying $22 for a single tylenol is acceptable, then you are part of the problem and you are going to Gitmo to report for water boarding and immediate deportation.  I can fix the cost of healthcare.

I can list my leadership objectives for another 1000 pages, but I think you guys understand where I am coming from.  Just wait until I get to my complete domestic agenda, that will really mindfuck you!  However, I have bored you enough for one night, so let me leave you with one last foreign policy rule of engagement before I wrap it up…

If you ever speak, utter, mumble, or imply the words “death to America,” not only are you cut off from negotiations, bribe money,  and no longer considered as a viable contributor to human existence on this planet, but you will find yourself in one of two buckets.  Either the “I am going to sanction the fuck out of you until you dry up and fucking die or your citizens remove you from power to restore your country to NICE PLAYER status” bucket or you will fall in the “I have a shitload of inventory nukes approaching shelf life that I really don’t want to go to waste and my conventional forces need a break from this bullshit, so I am going to light you up like  Dr. Oppenheimer’s 4th of July block party and be fucking done with you” bucket.

Talk shit about America all you wish.  Your opinion is hollow and means jack shit.  Threaten the United States of America?  We will force you to back up that threat…and you WILL lose.

I am tired of being forced to cut myself to practice bleeding because my elected leaders put everyone else’s priorities before ours and those of the few friends we can count on to have our backs.  I am tired of practicing bleeding to wet the appetites of those my elected leaders appease so that they may aspire to draw more of our blood that we already gave against our will.  Donating blood used to be a voluntary and conscious act.  Now we are being harvested like cattle in a slaughter house.  I am through bleeding.  No one should have to bleed who is not a willing and lawful combatant.  If someone has to bleed, then we have three choices.  Go full pirate country and make someone else bleed, continue being the sacrificial lambs and hold our wrists out for the blade to swipe, or we can vote them all out and let America lead as we were meant to lead so no one should have to bleed against their will again.



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